Why the West isn't winning.

And what we must do about it.

An extraordinary examination of the contemporary realities of war.

This book pulls no punches while examining issues leading to the West’s ‘strategic atrophy’ and lack of war fighting prowess in the last two decades. McFate examines the nature of contemporary war and uses present-day examples to demonstrate how, in many ways, the West has been left behind. Ideas within this book are presented with excellent logic, demonstrating how despite our reluctance to accept it, the tides of war have certainly changed.

While not being inane, McFate makes predictions about the future of modern warfare, demonstrating that conventional warfare has perished while ‘shadow wars’ are beginning to emerge. While making these predictions, the place of mercenaries, wealthy individuals, and ideological extremists are considered finding that all three are expected to become much more pertinent to war in the future.

While certainly presenting his points with clear, analytical reasoning, the presumption that the West has a lack of strategic foresight strikes itself as rather damning and may not be the fairest representation of those working in government today. Nonetheless, I believe that this is an exceptionally well presented, well-reasoned book which was thoroughly engaging and prompted me to ask myself many more questions about my understanding of modern warfare. I would highly recommend this text especially to anyone considering study in strategic theory, national security, or military strategy.

4.5 / 5