The Australian Strategic Policy Institute:

The Strategist

An Australian think-tank with a global perspective.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) is an Australian Government funded think-tank which produces advice on issues relevant to Australian national security. ASPI as an organisation aims to both generate new ideas for government and to broaden public knowledge about Australian strategic thought.

I find that ASPI presents informative, well-researched publications which are easy to understand for all – even those not working in national security. If I had to recommend a single source of information for someone who is interested in Australia’s strategic choices, I would recommend ASPI’s analysis site ‘The Strategist’. This website is a compilation of ASPI reports which explains many of Australia’s important policy and defence decisions as well as providing insight into a variety of niche topics. New content is uploaded to The Strategist daily, ensuring that readers always have something interesting to learn.

Overall, I find that ASPI is a very accurate source of national security information and I would never hesitate to recommend The Strategist for anyone interested in either Australian defence policy or our place in international affairs. A link to ASPI's homepage can be found here, and similarly a link to The Strategist can be found here.